it's time for you to feel good in your skin again

we take an individualized and whole-person approach to health, fitness & wellness coaching

We believe health is so much more than the workouts you do and the food you consume. 

your needs, lifestyle, and preferences are unique. And you deserve a plan that serves you! 

does this sound familiar?

…you lack the willpower to stay consistent.

…you “lose control” around your favorite foods and drinks.

…you feel overwhelmed or stuck by all of the dieting and workout options out there. 

…you know what you have to do, but you don’t actually do it.

What if in 6 months, you could be…

…getting dressed in the morning, excited to put on those old pair of jeans that fit you perfectly

…effortlessly following your workout schedule each week, without any feelings of resistance

…eating ice cream on a Tuesday night, without ever thinking “I really shouldn’t”

…choosing to workout in front of the mirror with your favorite tank top, admiring your picture perfect form, and those round shoulder muscles starting to develop

Flexible nutrition protocols centered around YOUR lifestyle

Individualized full body strength training programs based on YOUR busy schedule

360 support + accountability focused on your holistic overall health

Personalized coaching approach with behavior change & mindset emphasis

Don’t just take our word for it…

…hear from people just like you who have found success with Laura B Fit Coaching. 

learn exactly how you can ditch dieting for good, eat foods you absolutely love, and still get the best results of your life.

ready to take the leap and
invest in you?


The minimum commitment is three months, which is the bare MINIMUM it takes to see genuine change that is sustainable. Our clients renew at an extremely high rate, with
most clients staying for at least 6 months because they are seeing genuine shifts in their bodies, minds, and lives from coaching. This is a good thing – but we want to be honest that this is NOT a short process, and there are no quick or instant results here.

Laura’s current due date is middle of April, and will be taking 4-6 weeks off. Laura will work with each client to have a specific plan in place for those 4-6 weeks, and clients will have access to
their training programs, app, and resource portal. Clients will be able to either pause their coaching package OR have Laura’s assistant coach take over while Laura is out.

Laura is a certified ACE personal trainer + group fitness instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Pre + Post Natal Certified Coach, and has advanced certifications in program design. Laura is currently working on additional certifications in Sleep, Stress, + Recovery, as well as Behavior Change Psychology.

In a nutshell, we’ll get you onboarded and added to our user-friendly app right away, and you’ll have your Vision Session with Laura so you can better get to know each other and envision the 2.0 version of you. After that session, you’ll enter into your Awareness Phase where you’ll use a food diary and complete fitness assessments so we can evaluate where your current baseline in. From there, we’ll hop on another call for you to share what you learned and walk you through your first protocol! After those initial two weeks, we’ll move into weekly asynchronous check ins, where you’ll complete a check in form reflecting on your week and Laura will respond within 48 hours with written and/or video feedback based on your responses, plus some additional follow-up questions, pep talks, resources, and more! All packages get 24/7 messaging access to Laura for questions that pop up throughout the week!

Nope! You and Laura will work together to determine a nutrition strategy that’s best for you and your lifestyle. Some clients will choose to use an app like MyFitnessPal, others will use hand portions, and some will use an intuitive eating approach. There’s no “right” or “wrong” approach–just the one that works best for you and your preferences!

You are welcome here, my friend! Laura prides herself on creating workout programs accessible to all levels of experience, and will tailor your program to your current skillset. Your program will also include video demos plus detailed form cues. You’ll also have the opportunity to send Laura form videos each week for her to review, and can complete your workouts at a commercial gym or at home!

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