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"Coaching with Laura focuses on small, meaningful lifestyle habit changes that are client-led. There is never a feeling of "You should" but instead a coaching style that's wrapped in "What do you need now and how can I support you in getting there?" What I love most? It's not a "diet" at all. I enjoy living a full life- and that includes delicious foods! Instead I am learning to trust my mindset AND where I can learn new habits to make this time the last time for "dieting". Laura coaches the physical side of health and weight loss, but really supports the whole human and gives actionable feedback to clients to look at the mental side of this process too."
"Laura takes the time to explain the "why" behind everything we do. When setting up macros, she breaks it down to explain how she got to the numbers. When discussing mental barriers or struggles, she creates a safe space to open up, never makes you feel guilty, and then asks questions to not only understand herself but for you to also think deeper about what's going on. On top of that she provides resources and tips to help you learn how to manage it in the long term. She is encouraging, empathetic, and kind."
Rebekah L.
Jessica D.

My favorite result since working with Laura the past 3 months has been the educational knowledge she gives each week related to my goals. She truly listens and reads each check in to provide thoughtful advice based on what I’m sharing. She has follows through when I have asked for additional resources on macro tracking and food suggestions. Laura also has greatly supported me with starting this journey during an exceptionally busy and very new season of life. Together with her support, I haven’t felt like I couldn’t succeed every. I have felt supported, cheered on, and validated every step of the way.

Laura works with me and my lifestyle. I enjoy carbs, sweets and going out to eat. Laura takes time to understand me as a person and what I want to achieve and create a plan to achieve that. She is also very positive and open to adjusting as my life adjusts.
My favorite result has been working on a mindset shift relative to the season of life I find myself in. Working on the all or nothing mentality has been huge in giving myself the grace to try and change some habits one baby step at a time.
brenda h.
Laura B Fit
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Lidia T.
Lidia T.
2024-01-03 20:57:26
Be Strong's training program has been a game-changer for me. After a six-month break from exercising, I was seeking a reliable and effective way to get back... read more
Rachel F.
Rachel F.
2024-01-03 16:07:33
Five stars for Laura's small group training! The twice-weekly small group classes are fabulous and have changed my fitness journey for the better since... read more
Lizzy L.
Lizzy L.
2023-12-05 12:51:00
Laura is such a great coach. She takes the time to understand your specific goals and challenges to put together a fitness plan just for you. I felt like I... read more
Julie W.
Julie W.
2023-07-31 12:00:07
I started working with Laura in April. I have done both her classes and her app program. Both are great! With the classes you get accountability and... read more

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